Welcome to Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility

PCSR is a not-for-profit organisation. Our members are therapists, counsellors and other professionals and individuals engaged in supporting our ethos.

We are committed to

  • locating counselling and psychotherapy in its social, political, ecological, and economic context
  • recognising the impact of the political dimension on the client-therapist relationship
  • developing ideas about how social, economic, political, ecological and cultural issues can be integrated into theory and practice
  • identifying and challenging adverse discrimination at all levels within our profession and in the wider world
  • generating action, launching campaigns, and seeking to influence political processes

Latest events

PCSR and FPN conference CANCELLED

8 May 2021

Time to free our professions from the yoke if neo-liberal policies...

PCSR Annual Gathering and AGM

7 Nov 2020

The Annual Gathering is an opportunity for PCSR members to come together to discuss issues at the intersection of therapy and social responsibility. Non-members are also welcome....

Examining Whiteness: White identity and racism POSTPONED

3 Oct 2020

We're hoping to hold an Examining Whiteness group in Nov/Dec in a University lecture hall large enough for us to socially distance...

Latest resources

Current issue of Transformations Winter 2020

30 Aug 2020

The practice of counselling and psychotherapy has, throughout its history, occupied a territory straddling the humanities and the sciences in reasonably peaceful co-existence. Increasingly, it seems, an ‘evidence-based’ narrative is displacing a more incl...

PCSR podcasts

6 Jul 2020

PCSR podcasts, launched in 2019, offers interviews and discussions on issues at the intersection of therapy, society and politics with a range of thinkers and practitioners....

Back issues of Transformations

5 Jul 2020

Transformations is PCSR's in house journal offering a stimulating and educative range of writings,and book reviews on current and past therapeutic and political importance...

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Pscychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility locates therapy in social, political, ecological and economic contexts.

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