Examining Whiteness: white identity and racism

Where: Barnsbury Commuity Centre, 12 Jays Street, London N1 0FE

When: 23 Mar 2024 time: 11:30 AM - 02:30 PM

Whiteness, as a set of normative cultural practices, is visible most clearly to those it definitely excludes and those to whom it does violence. Those who are housed securely within its borders usually do not examine it. (Ruth Frankenberg,1993)

This group is open to people from all backgrounds, heritages and ethnicities who want to actively address the injustices and inequalities of racism through personal and collective work on white identity, power, privilege and complicity.

It is an open group meeting 4 times a year since Sept 2017 and facilitated by two white therapists, members of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR), Suzanne Keys and Bea Millar. It is not a workshop, seminar or therapy group, so participants need to be prepared to participate in uncomfortable and difficult conversations in a respectful environment, with the personal content being confidential to the group, and know how to support themselves in this process.

By doing this work together we hope to actively work towards dismantling internal, relational and structural racism. The groups started because Suzanne and Bea no longer wanted to be part of a therapy profession and world where clients, trainees and practitioners of colour continue to experience oppression, discrimination and harm, where their experiences are not heard and valued and where white practitioners don’t do the necessary internal and relational work to stop this happening. It is an ongoing experience and active learning journey.




FREE   - donations appreciated

For more details contact: beatrice@bmillar.com