Getting Involved

PCSR is, ideally at least, as much a culture as an organisation: an attitude of mind rather than a set of rules and regulations.

How we are organised - our Ethos

PCSR is an organisation run by our members. We have an annual conference and a separate annual gathering at the time of the AGM. We have an elected steering group that oversees these two events and guides the day-to-day operation of PCSR.

We try as far as possible to make decisions by consensus rather than by vote, and members are asked for their active participation in policy-making. Taking principled action complements, or provides an alternative to, the way some of the bigger ‘professional’ therapy organisations operate. It also has the power to change policy in the wider world.

How you can join in

As members you will be connected to our discussion group where issues are discussed daily. We also support and encourage you, as members, to develop events, activities and groups which are of interest to you, and relevant to our aim and purpose.

Some activities are one-off, for example members have organised several pop-up groups, arranged at relatively short notice, to think about issues of the moment. Other groups are ongoing; they may be based on specific issues, an example being our ‘Examining Whiteness’ group. Still others are locally-based, formed when a group of members wish to connect regularly with others nearby, and form a closer network to discuss practice, policy, and specific themes connected to our ethos.

Any initiative is welcome, and a couple of steering group members will be on hand to offer whatever help is needed to members who want to plan a new project. This help may be organisational, financial, or simply encouragement. Some initiatives that have started out small, as a one-off, have resonated so much with the participants that they become an essential aspect of PCSR’s ongoing work.

You are invited to write for Transformations our in-house journal; to offer podcasts and webinars, after discussion with the steering group. We are always looking for members willing to contribute book reviews and to recommend articles that you consider essential reading.

We in PCSR have taken up political causes over the years, and have a regular presence at demonstrations and policy-making forums. We hope that our members who are able to take part in these activities will join us in public action.