Welcome to Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility

PCSR is a not-for-profit organisation. Our members are therapists, counsellors and other professionals and individuals engaged in supporting our ethos.

We are committed to

  • locating counselling and psychotherapy in its social, political, ecological, and economic context
  • recognising the impact of the political dimension on the client-therapist relationship
  • developing ideas about how social, economic, political, ecological and cultural issues can be integrated into theory and practice
  • identifying and challenging adverse discrimination at all levels within our profession and in the wider world
  • generating action, launching campaigns, and seeking to influence political processes

Latest events

Examining Whiteness FULLY BOOKED

11 Jun 2022

This group is open to people from all backgrounds, heritages and ethnicities who want to actively address the injustices and inequalities of racism through personal and collective work on White identity, power, privilege and complicity....

PCSR Annual General Meeting

13 Nov 2021

Annual General Meeting...

SHADES of Life - Colour Constellations

26 Jun 2021

These workshops will explore the many different SHADES of Life, with a focus on colour dynamics in personal relationships and professional contexts. They aim to explore the colour entanglements that arise in families and communities...

Latest resources

Celebrating Activism Videos from PCSR conference May 2021

12 Dec 2021

Susan Cousins, therapist, author of 'Overcoming Everyday Racism' and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer at Cardiff University and Mel Ciavucco community video...

PCSR Anti-Racism Action Group Manifesto

22 Nov 2021

The purpose of this manifesto is to lay out the aims of our ARAG and how this will work in the wider PCSR membership, and what action we would like to take in the Counselling and Psychotherapy community....

Statement in response to Palestinian NGOs being designated terrorist organisation

28 Oct 2021

The Israeli Ministry of Defence has designated six leading Palestinian civil society associations as “terrorist organisations”....

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Pscychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility locates therapy in social, political, ecological and economic contexts.

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