SHADES of Life - Colour Constellations

Where: Zoom

From: 24 Apr 2021 time: 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Until: 24 Apr 2021

SHADES of Life - Colour Constellations
Online Via Zoom
These workshops will explore the many different SHADES of Life, with a focus on colour dynamics in personal relationships and professional contexts. They aim to explore the colour entanglements that arise in families and communities, leading to open and honest conversations on how these issues can impact us in our personal and professional lives. Using the systemic constellations method  via zoom we will work with small figurines (dollies) in a variety of colours that will help to 'represent’ the people and issues that emerge.

Each workshop stands alone. You can attend one or more as you wish.

Who is the Workshop For?
The workshops are a collaboration between Ancestral Constellations ( and PCSR and are open to people of all heritages, backgrounds, colours and ethnicities. We are encouraging participants to move beyond just looking, and to fully engage in what it will take to examine some of these issues at a deeper level and help to make change for current and future generations

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