SHADES: Colour entanglements in a time of change

Where: Zoom

From: 05 Dec 2020 time: 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Until: 05 Dec 2020 time: 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Sat 5th - Sun 6th December 2020

2pm - 5pm GMT

SHADES - Colour Entanglements in a Time of Change

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SHADES - Colour Entanglements 1

SHADES: A Community Constellations and Social Justice Event

The Offer: A Weekend of Conversation - Online Via Zoom

On Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 December Sonya Welch-Moring (Ancestral Constellations and Beatrice Millar (PCSR) will be hosting two online workshops.
These workshops are open to people of all backgrounds, colours and ethnicities.

The SHADES workshop aims to explore the colour entanglements that arise in families and communities, leading to open and honest conversations on how these issues can impact us in our personal and professional lives.

Shadism in families can create conflict between family members and have an adverse effect on a person’s sense of worth and well-being. These issues are found across diverse cultures around the world. And yet we often do not talk openly about them; guilt, shame and fear often get in the way.

Seeing and Sensing Beyond Colour Dynamics

We will be holding this event online using the systemic constellations method. Figurines or ‘dollies’, sourced and made in South Africa by Zimbabwean women will be ‘representatives’ for family members enabling us to ‘see’ and ’sense’ the impact of colour dynamics on a family or community.

Back in 2015, Sonya had a vision of building a community constellations approach, using the creative potential of the dollies. She has built a collection of over 150 dollies and we will be using some of these to help bring the systemic constellations process alive.

We will draw on the resources and the energy of the group to create an embodied, visual, narrative - illustrations of the conversations taking place, asking questions like………

• How do we examine colour dynamics in different communities, are there similarities and differences?

• What is the impact on siblings and other family members of ‘colour favouritism?’

• How do we explore colour dynamics in our own family of birth when parenting bi-racial children?

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