12th May 2018 PCSR’s 9th Psychotherapy and Politics Conference. Change, Transition, Transformation: is another world possible

Saturday 12th May 2018    York St Johns University

9.30 am – 6pm

Guest Speakers

Claire Fox: writer and Director of the Institute of Ideas. Building Resilience amongst Generation Snowflake            http://instituteofideas.com/aboutus/person/claire_fox

Kris Blackpsychotherapist, supervisor.  Prejudice, Pride and Psychotherapy  http://www.arctherapy.co.uk/

Leyla Hussein: activist, Founder of the Dahlia Project, psychotherapist. Breaking the Cycle http://leylahussein.com/

Manu Bazzano: writer, psychotherapist.     Against Humanism: on Therapy and the Transhuman        www.manubazzano.com


Workshops  –      watch this space for details


To book    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/psychotherapists-and-counsellors-for-social-responsibility-12386018433



13th May 2018 On Becoming an Activist 10am – 4pm

On Becoming an Activist       York St Johns University

10am – 11 am   PCSR Extraordinary General Meeting to decide change of name

11-11.30   Refreshments

11.30 – 4pm   On Becoming an Activist: reflections and discussions

Watch this space for more details…..