Podcast 6 May 2020. The latest PCSR podcast: two therapists talking about their experience of living and working in lockdown https://tinyurl.com/ydz2v6h9

Podcast 5 May 2020 Eugene Ellis, Founder of BAATN

Podcast 4 May 2020 Maria Albertson is the founder of UK Counsellors Counsellors Together UK and National Counsellors Day.

Find out more about her and her vibrant approach to our professions in our latest podcast.


Podcast 3 Sept 2019

Academic whirlwind Dr Elizabeth Cotton speaks about IAPT, the future of counselling and psychotherapy, our professional bodies and much, much more. Our latest podcast. https://bit.ly/2VL5r8l

Podcast 2 July 2019 Andrew Samuels talks about past attempts to regulate our work.

Podcast 1

Erin Stevens is a therapist based in West Yorkshire and one of the leading voices behind increasing opposition to the Scope of Practice and Education Project.